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This plan is for people who are just looking for a quick call to help them stay on track. See this as the right plan for those who are thinking "I really just need someone to be there to keep me in the right direction".

You can even see this as a way for you to make SURE you will take the time to reflect and plan every week. Since it is a commitment with someone else, you're more likely to follow through.

I will also be able to offer you an objective perspective on what you're planning (as in, I will tell you if I think it makes sense), plus I will hold you accountable to it.


What Accountability & Planning Includes

check iconA Weekly 30-minute Call

check iconDaily Performance Tracking

check iconHave someone on your side who will hold you accountable and who will always be able to offer you an objective perspective while also asking you the right questions to guide you in the right direction.

check iconGet a mentor who is real. A mentor who doesn't act like the typical mentor who is just trying to convince you he's helping you. Get a mentor who practices what he preaches.

check iconRegular Performance Feedback

check iconAssistance with Defining Goals

check iconIncrease how fast and easily you reach your goals while decreasing your effort and sacrifice by having my support on each step along the way. A mentor with high standards will push you to be the best you that you can be. I'm that mentor.

check iconGet input on your current habits and suggestions for new proven-to-work habits according to your goals


Taking the time to reflect on a consistent basis is probably the most underrated habit of a successful person. Warren Buffet does it every week, for example.

However, there is an even stronger power when it comes to reflecting with someone else. (Provided, of course, that someone else is capable of having a valuable input)

This is my most popular plan. Most clients benefit a lot from this. I will guide you objectively toward your goals while helping you to reflect about everything along the way.

What Weekly Guidance & Reflection Includes

check iconA Weekly 45-minute Call

check iconDaily Performance Tracking

check iconRegular Performance Feedback

check iconGet a Mentor that will make you elevate your standards and push you to your limits. No basking in your ego. Only goal seeking.

check iconEnsure mindfully epic productive planning: You'll get planning sessions where I will see you plan AND ask you to justify what you are planning.

check iconGet help on the process of delegating your work so you have more time to achieve your goals.

check iconGet an objective view of your thoughts by sharing your journals for them to be analyzed and for me to give you my perspective/feedback (Optional)

check iconPsychedelics Therapy - I can help you learn more about your subconscious (The full process is not included)

check iconGet help making tough decisions - Use my Decision-Making Matrix + a dedicated session to contemplate about the decision by being asked the right questions

check iconAdd a great influence to your life - I will send you a report on the last book I read every time I finish reading a book.

check iconPLUS: Everything that is included in the previous package.

In this plan, I will basically become (and act like) a stakeholder in your life. I will take on your problems as if they were my own. This is why we'll be in constant communication. On a daily basis.

I will literally take time off during my week to reflect on YOUR problems or goals. I solve all my issues, so making your issues mine will be unbelievably valuable to you.

You will be one of the top 3 clients I have (yes, there are only 3 active clients on this plan at any time) and so, you'll be given all the attention possible. I will also be available for emergencies.


What Premium Priority Client Includes

check iconA Weekly 45-minute Call

check iconDaily Performance Tracking

check iconRegular Performance Feedback

check icon1 extra hour of my week dedicated to reflecting on your situation

check iconDaily Check-in Calls (Super Reflection Mon-Fri)

check iconUnlimited Texts (Including Voice Messages) - Get an objective perspective on ANYTHING during the week - message me a question at any time and I'll reply ASAP

check iconEmergency Calls: You can contact me to have a call anytime from 10AM to 7PM (my time zone), I will answer or get back to you ASAP (In case I'm in a call). Only 1 emergency call per month is allowed

check iconGet a book recommendation per week according to your needs

check iconGet a problem-solving thinker for YOUR problems - I will make your problems into my own and I will obsess over how to fix them. (I always fix my problems/challenges or at least mitigate them)

check iconEnsure your plan is put into action - I will be your plan in human form, reminding you of deadlines and asking if what you planned still makes sense

check iconGet more flexibility and availability - Get access to more hours of availability for you to book a call (S Tier Calendly Link)

check iconGet undivided attention - I will be extremely focused on you because you are one of ONLY 3 allowed priority clients

check iconGet inside my mind - I will share with you personal insights I've learned from my personal journaling

check iconEnterprise Mode - We'll do a 2h session at the end of each quarter and a 3h session at the end of the year

check iconNo details missed: I will record our calls and review them after. You'll receive a report on the call

check iconAlways know where you're standing - I will write Monthly Progress Reports regarding your performance towards your goals

check iconPLUS: Everything that is included in the previous packages.

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